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Darn Hard Bird Quiz

This quiz was originally posted to the AZ-NM BirdList by Jamie Massey. He gave me permission to reprint it here – and I added a pair of questions at the end, as well. Unfortunately, because it’s a blog post there can’t be a prize, so keep your answers to yourself for now, and I’ll post the answers on Friday. Continue reading


Rare birdQUIZ


Rare bird often found on the shore of  muddy ponds, marshes and lakes

Mid summer last year some of my neighbors that I go birding with said that there is a rare bird along the lake and told me it would definitely be a life bird for me, so I grabbed my tripod, scope and binoculors and went down there with them and then saw this bird walking the shore. Continue reading

Stuck up birdQUIZ

Hint: The male is exceptionally quiet except when displaying.


This bird is found in many lakes, marshes, or swamps. It is often found with its tail sticking straight up in the air.



This bird’s call is its name when it gets older

Be sure to use as many field marks with this bird because this one is VERY EVIL!! This bird was photographed in New York State. This bird does not look anything like its parents yet! I am willing to tell you that it is in its Juvenal plumage. Continue reading

The Mysterious warbler

Left side of the bird

Was almost confused with this bird when trying to identify this for the blog, I looked in Sibley’s and lucky mon@rch confirmed this bird is what I thought it was! Are you able to identify this tricky bird, it sure gave me a run for my money! Continue reading

Spots and Lines birdQUIZ


The breast and part of side Continue reading

Colorful birdQUIZ


Close up view Continue reading

Confusing Fall warblers

Confusing fall warbler

Captured at Braddock Bay Bird Observatory Continue reading