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Darn Hard Bird Quiz

This quiz was originally posted to the AZ-NM BirdList by Jamie Massey. He gave me permission to reprint it here – and I added a pair of questions at the end, as well. Unfortunately, because it’s a blog post there can’t be a prize, so keep your answers to yourself for now, and I’ll post the answers on Friday. Continue reading


The Black birdQUIZ

Bird was banded at the Powdermill Banding station

The picture was taken by mon@rch while doing some training at the Powdermill Nature Preserve banding station. Continue reading

auritus or nigricollis?

grebe species
Is it a Horned Grebe or Eared Grebe?

Ok, I have another one of those (I am not sure) birdQUIZ’s that I could use everyone’s help! Found this bird out on Lake Erie here in New York State this afternoon. What ya think? Horned Grebe or Eared Grebe? Continue reading