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Suet Feeder birdQUIZ

Bird Quiz Suet Feeder

Thanks to Jim Toner from Western New York for letting us use this photo for the most recent birdQUIZ. Continue reading


Feather birdQUIZ

Ruler showing size of the feather

Bird banders always get an opportunity to see feathers up close. This feather fell out while banding a bird this summer and we all thought this would make an outstanding birdQUIZ. This isn’t easy but I will tell you this is a chest feather on a smaller bird. It was a bird in the Western New York area during the summer months. I expect many wrong answers on this birdQUIZ!
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Wetland birdQUIZ

Sitting on its nest

Want to give this bird a try sitting on a nest? The picture was taken in PA in the month of May.
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Texas birdQUIZ


I was able to photograph many of these guys while visiting Texas. This individual was just in an abnormal position for the bird which makes this a great birdQUIZ.
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Rare birdQUIZ


Rare bird often found on the shore of  muddy ponds, marshes and lakes

Mid summer last year some of my neighbors that I go birding with said that there is a rare bird along the lake and told me it would definitely be a life bird for me, so I grabbed my tripod, scope and binoculors and went down there with them and then saw this bird walking the shore. Continue reading

Fluff Ball birdQUIZ


Species of owl we’ve captured Continue reading

Back Yard Visitor birdQUIZ

Photo by Corinne

Many times we get backyard visitors who are not looking for your sunflower seeds. They come very quickly and if you’re lucky like Corinne . . . you are able to get a few photos of them. Next is the hard part is identifying which species it is! Do you know what species of hawk this is?
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High Up birdQUIZ

A warbler species high up into the canopy

Many times we find warblers flittering around the canopy. A good majority of the time we identify them by their bird song but on occasion we are required to look at their underside for identification. Are you willing to try and identify this species found here in New York State?
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