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Warbler from the front birdQUIZ

This is a warbler!

Here is an easier birdQUIZ of a warbler looking from the front. Its found in Western New York during the summer months.
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Suet Feeder birdQUIZ

Bird Quiz Suet Feeder

Thanks to Jim Toner from Western New York for letting us use this photo for the most recent birdQUIZ. View full article »

Feather birdQUIZ

Ruler showing size of the feather

Bird banders always get an opportunity to see feathers up close. This feather fell out while banding a bird this summer and we all thought this would make an outstanding birdQUIZ. This isn’t easy but I will tell you this is a chest feather on a smaller bird. It was a bird in the Western New York area during the summer months. I expect many wrong answers on this birdQUIZ!
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Wetland birdQUIZ

Sitting on its nest

Want to give this bird a try sitting on a nest? The picture was taken in PA in the month of May.
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Texas birdQUIZ


I was able to photograph many of these guys while visiting Texas. This individual was just in an abnormal position for the bird which makes this a great birdQUIZ.
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Guest birdQUIZ

Photo by Samuel Snook

Samuel Snook (aka Birdman) submitted this great birdQUIZ photo for everyone! This is a very tricky photo . . . I wish everyone luck with it! Thanks for the Guest Post Samuel!  Check out his new birdquiz blog at
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Darn Hard Bird Quiz

This quiz was originally posted to the AZ-NM BirdList by Jamie Massey. He gave me permission to reprint it here – and I added a pair of questions at the end, as well. Unfortunately, because it’s a blog post there can’t be a prize, so keep your answers to yourself for now, and I’ll post the answers on Friday. View full article »

Rare birdQUIZ


Rare bird often found on the shore of  muddy ponds, marshes and lakes

Mid summer last year some of my neighbors that I go birding with said that there is a rare bird along the lake and told me it would definitely be a life bird for me, so I grabbed my tripod, scope and binoculors and went down there with them and then saw this bird walking the shore. View full article »